Tuesday, June 1, 2010

wonderful tonight

It's late in the evening 现在已经是深夜了
she's wondering what close to wear 她还在考虑要穿那件衣服
she puts on her make up 接着她开始装扮
and brushes her long blond her 梳理她那金色的头发
and than she ask me: "Do I look allright?" 然后她问我:"我看起来还好吧?"
and I say: "yes, you look wonderful tonight" 我说:"是的,你看起来漂亮极了."

We go to a party 我们去参加一个晚会
and everyone turns to see 每个人都转过了看
this beautiful lady is walking around with me 在我身边的那位亮女士
and than she ask me: "do you feel allright?" 这时她问我:"你感觉还好吧?"
and I say: "yes, I feel wonderful tonight" 我说:"是的,我感觉很不错."

I feel wonderful because I see the love 我感觉不错是因为我能
lighting in your eyes 看到你眼中燃烧的爱意
and the wonder of it all is that you just don't realize 我还在想 你还可能不知道
how much I love you... 我到底有多爱你

It's time to go home now and I've got make her 现在该是回家的时间了
so I give her the car keys 我把车钥匙给你
and she helps me to bed and than I tell her 因为我的头很痛 她把我送到床上
as I turn off the light 当我把灯关掉的时候
I said:"my darling, you are wonderful tonight"我告诉她说亲爱的你今晚棒极了
"oh my darling, you are wonderful tonight" "哦,亲爱的,你今晚棒极了."

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