toy camera相机

 FUJIflim Instant Mini 7s 拍立特(小嘿) :

Superheadz Ultra Wide Slim (momo) :

The Ultra wide camera is a Superheadz ‘redesigned’ of the all popular Vivitar UWS.
Everything works the same, except that the appearance and colour of the body !!!!
This small lightweight camera has a wide 22mm lens which provides massive depth of field,
an ultra wide angle and corner vignetting (darkening).
Use 35mm film (normal film)
aperture f8
Shutter spd 1/100sec
Dimensions 98 x 59 x 23 cm

Waterproof Camera 防水相机(海绵宝宝) :

*拍摄有效距离: 1.2m - 无限远

Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera(Prince) :

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