Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1st LOMO

film   :Kodak 200   35mm colour print film (expired)

the 1st pic wit my girls

i like it so much!!! 

the sign in TARC

shoot by jenny teoh .

the guys 

pattern zui zui -.-

we r crazy in typo assignment

childish pose, childish me :)

shoot by jenny teoh .

shimino. nice to see .

i like the shop design. bling bling

1ST try.

shimino... NG!!!

back to 1 year ago. 1st dating.

on the way back from 1 utama.

a restaurant name. shoot at nite.

the name same as my hubby nickname :)

minie become pretty in lomo :) 

nice to eat be4, 
bt now the standard become ...

dessert time :)

a flower.

my hair spoil the pica = =

joey big head XD

fish eyes.

b;day gurl~

pls smile always.

mont kiara ... evening

the sky n the building, always simple but nice

a view.

im reali forgot where is the place ><

minie in da house .

she always wan people sayang :)

huskey, handsome?


a small puppy.

un-stop shaking n move

vikie & the golden puppy .

i love golden always :)

a BIG chow chow .

SMILE always .

haha, NG :D

i love the feel :) do u?

vikie in da house .

the rachel 'day

does she taller than the building? 

fish eyes --- with gals :)

the sunrise ... desa park city 

my lovely house & my lovely car :3

the view from my house ... noon

the view from my house ... evening



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